Vienna – Synchronized Google Reader for Open Source Mac OS

Just like Gruml and NetNewsWire, Vienna is also a popular open-source app. It is similar to Gruml and NetNewsWire both in looks and features. It is clean, clutter-free interface, hence it is easy to use. This App is completely free and manages itself using SQLite database, written in Objective-C and Cocoa for the Mac OS X Operating System. The only think users might not opt for this is it is not synchronized with Google reader.

The set up of this app consists of your feeds on the left and feed items on the right. If you are using the condensed layout, then by clicking on the return key will open the website of the information. It consists of smart folders and built-in browsing abilities.

Pros of Vienna

Vienna - Synchronized Google Reader for Open Source Mac OS

  • It has the ability to refresh feeds more frequently
  • It has Subscription to Atom/RSS news feeds and podcasts
  • It has customizable toolbar
  • It is localized into several languages.
  • It has the option to Custom article’s display styles
  • It performs global search for retrieving the articles
  • It also has Smart folders for organizing related feed articles
  • It can also automatically detect the news feed on the web page
  • Feeds are automatically refreshed every 5 mins

Cons of Vienna

  • No proper feed synchronizing
  • No option for the thumbnail view
  • Slow operation when it comes to downloading new feeds
  • Interface is little buggy

The outstanding feature of Vienna is that it refreshes every 5 mins. This feature alone makes Vienna stands different from other apps. Hence you get every new update within maximum of 5 mins delay. Now comes the drawback is though it refreshes every 5 mins, the download speed is very slow.

The smart folder feature of this app is good one, it is similar to the iTunes smart folders allowing you to tweak folders the way you want. You also have the option of personalizing the interface based on your taste.  You also have an option of sharing the articles to social sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Evernote.

You can perform operations like sorting and filtering. You can get access to Google reader in the following way- go to Manage Subscriptions, then to Import/Export and once you’re in the Import/Export screen, click on “Export your subscriptions as an OPML file,” and hit Save File. Once you’ve done that, go back to Vienna and click File –> Import Subscriptions from the menu bar. You can download this at

Vienna – Synchronized Google Reader for Open Source Mac OS 

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