Violent Action Gaming with Rage for Windows PC

Want to play one of the most violent action games of the time? Try out this one.
The game player is a survivor of the apocalypse of the impact of the asteroid Apophis in the year 2029 on earth. The character has just awoken from a sleep that is induced by on a few people, significant ones, and froze them into cryo-pods underground, so that when awakened from sleep, they could rebuild the earth by their own ability.

The game is a mix of first person shooter games as well as racing and driving elements by the player on the game screen, where he can modify his car by various upgrades so that he can race friends and foes across the game. The game was announced in the year 2007, with the original game being released much later in the year 2011. The gaming world waited for the game for four long years only to get a game that worth the long wait.

Violent Action Gaming with Rage for Windows PC

The game is available on different platforms of Microsoft, Xbox 360, and PlayStation3. The different variants of the game are now readily available on the internet. The game Rage is a first person shooter action game, released by the game developer company id Software, which uses the game engine id Tech 5.

The main enemies of the player are the mutants, at least for the first half of the game, after which there is a significant change in the gaming. There are other enemies of the player in the game as well, other than mutants. There are various clans of the enemies which the player has to fight and defeat. These clans include the Ghost clan, the Jackal Clan, the Shrouded Clan, The Scorcher Clan, and the Wasted Clan.

The player has to fight these clans who has different levels of the fighting and racing skills, as well as specially designed weapons for their use during the racing combat. The most interesting element of the game is its multiplayer modes namely Road Rage and Legends of the Wasteland. The Road Rage, a maximum number of four players can compete with each other. The match is a free-for –all kind of match, which takes place in an arena specially designed for such kind of races.

The Rage is one of the emotions which are quite common in the human nature, which is also seen in the eyes of the players of the game play. The game is available online at the website

Rage Violent Action Game for Windows PC

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