Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service with OpenVPN

OpenVPN is nothing but an out source software application that is used in working of virtual private networks.It is a fully featured SSL VPN software solution that integrates OpenVPN server capabilities, enterprise management capabilities. It consists of a custom security protocol that utilizes SSL/TLS for key exchange.

The architecture of this VPN consists of encryption. Authentication, networking, security and extensible. It allows peer to peer authentication using a pre-shared secret key,  certificates or password facility. This VPN software can be downloaded for free and can be upgraded and maintained by an Internet open source community.

Features of OpenVPN

OpenVPN - Virtual Private Network (VPN) Client Software Service

  • It can export encrypted configuration.
  • It also provides service for VPN Connections without administrator permissions.
  • It provides multi connections.
  • It has proxy setting and can also manage configration GUI.
  • You can customize using quick edit.
  • User credentials can be saved.
  • Language option provides you with twi languages 1. English 2. German.
  • It can also import existing configurations.
  • It also has code signing and Configuration wizard.
  • It also controls traffic over populated networks like internet .

As soon as you install, the VPN Client – VPN Client can set the required language based on their requirement, you can also change the language after the installation process is completed. Using this Free VPN – Free VPN improvizes the protection of your security of your computer over WiFi connections and company remote access servers.

It supports a wide range of configurations, including secure and granular remote access. To use the VPN connections via OpenVPN requires an OpenVPN server to be installed and its configuration data available to clients. One of the limitation is that it is not a software which works on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile and Android. But OpenVPN works on Windows and Mac.

The base of the open VPN consists of only command line applications for client and server setup. The Open VPN GUI represents one of several such applications for a Windows client, while open VPn control provides a server side GUI. There are separate programs for graphical user interfaces (GUI) to OpenVPN designed to make the software easier to use.

It has the ability to set more than one autocorrect VPN. This software comes with an improvement with every release of its version. The base of the network security is based on the SSL ( secure socket layer) technology. You can download this VPN Software – VPN Software at

OpenVPN – Virtual Private Network (VPN) Client Software Service

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