Where to sell your old iPad and get money instantly for The new iPad 3?

Apple has recently launched “The new iPad” with an awesome showcase of all of its reality and upcoming generation products live. “The new iPad” comes with lot of new features and its time to dump the old iPad and get a new one in exchange of the old one. People always like to update their stuffs and it is because of this thing, today we bring you an awesome chance to give your old iPad and get some instant cashout to buy “The new iPad” which is iPad 3.

If you think that you need to get the new iPad and get rid of the old one, then here we bring you one of the best deals from the world after researching on almost 10_ websites. After the research we found one of the best website to offer you this service. On this strategy you would get anywhere between $290 and $475 depending on the condition of your iPad.

Here’s a list of average price you can fetch on EBay Instant Sale system

Where to sell your old iPad and get money instantly for The new iPad 3?

16GB iPad Wi- Fi only – $290

16GB iPad Wi- Fi/3G – $355

32GB iPad Wi- Fi only – $340

32GB iPad Wi- Fi/3G – $380

64GB iPad Wi- Fi only – $420

64GB iPad Wi- Fi/3G only – $475

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However, if you go with the traditional auction system then it might cost you a period of over one month to get your iPad sale. But while Apple released “the new iPad” on March 16, i am sure you would like to miss this opportunity. So as far as our suggesstion is concerned, we would suggest you to immediately list out your iPad and get some cashout for “the new iPad”. Happy hunting !!

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