Which of these 10 Entrepreneurial Styles is Yours? [Infographic]

We have always heard about different Leadership styles, while along with the leadership skills and styles, there are something called StartUp styles and Entrepreneurial Styles. So today we are going to feature an information graphics which is from BizSugar, which will classify all the best and some unique 10 Entrepreneurial Styles on this planet.

Studies have changed, and so does technology changing everyday and so does all the styles of young Entrepreneurs. So lets quickly go out and check out what are the styles all of the Entrepreneurs are following. And if you are not one among the Entrepreneurs, then its time for you to become one and have a life which you always wanted to live.

Which of these 10 Entrepreneurial Styles is Yours? [Infographic]

Source: BizSugar

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One Response to “Which of these 10 Entrepreneurial Styles is Yours? [Infographic]”

  1. April 25, 2012 at 12:54 pm #

    Hi there,

    I love this infographic. I think it’s clever, witty and a great accolade to the entreprenerial spirit. I recognise some of my self employed friends and colleagues in practically each description. However, I’m not sure which one I fit into it though.

    I can honestly say that at times I am a Pajamapreneur. There is nothing quite like staying at home in the home office and working with no distractions, wearing comfortable clothes and slippers!

    On a serious note, the statistics are great, really useful. And for all the entreprenuers who have given 9.9 billion uncompensated hours, I applaud you. I’ve added to that pot myself so pat on the back for everyone.

    Great, great infographic.

    Thanks so much for sharing as I missed it on bizsugar.

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