Why Having a Slow Website is harmful for You[Infographics]

In the world of Modern speed and lightning-speed data connections along with more optimized web browsers, most of the work are done in milliseconds until the website takes lot of time to show up. Here a quick look on the American impact of browsing history habits where they don’t even search and open websites which have low level of speed. This could really prove to be harmful for your business and to yourself in the long run as first impression is always the best impression.

The Internet world has been huge and the following information graphics would show you that more than 3 billion Google searches are made in a single day, and among them the result showing up time is really fast on 20% of the website which means that still one has to work on lot of things on improving the speed of the website according to the info graphics.

Why Having a Slow Website is harmful for You[Infographics]

The infographics also brings you about the “Google Generation” that would provide all the query result instantly and as everyone knows that most traffic is generated from Americans, so they would like to visit only those website which are really fast and entertaining with bunch of cool informations.

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