Windows Live Mesh – Microsoft Service Dropbox Alternative

Live Mesh is a free service provided by Microsoft that let you Synchronize your files and folders, so that you can access them from anywhere and anytime. You can Synchronize your folders across Multiple Computers and access all them anywhere and anytime from web. Live Mesh also let you connect to any of your Computer Remotely. You can access any program, file or folder that you have not marked for Synchronization, from remote computer.

Live Mesh is a beautiful Application. It can keep all files and folders in Synchronized manner across Multiple Computers, and can access them online similar to Dropbox. Live Mesh provides 5GB of free Online Storage Space, far better than Dropbox Online Storage i.e. 2GB. This feature of Live Mesh makes it worth for the people to switch from Dropbox to Live Mesh. Note: Dropbox lets you get more Online Space for free if you refer your friends.

Features of Live Mesh – Dropbox Alternative

Windows Live Mesh - Microsoft Service Dropbox Alternative

  • You can Synchronize all your files and folders with your entire device similar to Dropbox.
  • Live desktop can be viewed from the web which makes it easy for the users to access their files from friend’s Place.
  • Members can be invited and managed.
  • You have the control regarding who all have access to your files and folders
  • You can see comments Posted and News regarding your files and folders.
  • Using Messenger, you can chat with members.
  • Synchronization setting can be changed for the folders
  • Recent Notification can be seen easily
  • You can know each and every activity happening inside your folders such as changes made or member joining or leaving the folder and so on.
  • You can Share your files and folders with your friends
  • You can access Computers Remotely
  • You can access it from your Mobile Phone also if it has a web access

However, Similarity ends here. On top of all these features, Live Mesh adds some really cool features that make Live Mesh a Dropbox Alternative. More Online Space is not the only feature which made many people to choose Live Mesh. The fascinating feature that Live Mesh has is you can access computers Remotely. Basically, you can access any remote computer that you have made part of Live Mesh, from your Computer.

Live Mesh lightens your burden and let you Synchronize your files so that you can access them from anywhere and anytime easily and quickly. And more over you can share them with your friends. All you have to do is install this Dropbox Alternative, Live Mesh Software in your PC and her you go. Moreover Live Mesh supports Windows, Mac and even your Cell phone. The Remote access feature works only on Windows.

Live Mesh is a wonderful Dropbox Alternative which keeps you more organized and lets you Synchronize and share your files and folders between devices and allows you to access from remote. Many have changed their mindset of Dropbox. Now, it’s your turn.

Windows Live Mesh – Microsoft Service Dropbox Alternative

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