Windows Server 8: Download, Overview, Features, Product Guide

Microsoft has an upper hand in the market when it comes to delivering Servers with latest and extended technology, fast provided with more capabilities.   Windows Server 8 as a Developer’s Preview which was released at the BUILD conference last year and this year it’s latest release so called Beta Version released with significant number of new features for many software developers.

Let us see some of the key Features of Windows Server 8 which are discussed below as

Windows Server 8 Features

Windows Server 8: Download, Overview, Features, Product Guide

  • For the sake of highly available networking, storage, computing running on industry standard hardware automated infrastructure is provided.
  • Enhancements in the server management of Windows Server 8, with a new power shell added.
  • Multiserver Management is a Server Manager that not only gets an elevated looks but also opens management prospects to the entire Server environment.
  • If you have a large organization and if you are struggling in managing due to many hundreds of Windows Servers then Windows Server 8 should ease out your task.
  • Windows Server 8 provides almost everything from server deployment to high availability which becomes smoother and much more automated.

Apart from these features some of the latest features of Windows Server 8 are as follows:

1. Hyper –V Networking

It allows different several nodes in an organization to share network infrastructure. Now it will be an easy task to move virtual machines and servers without dislocating or interrupting network assignments. With this Hyper- V Networking migration and virtualization of workloads can be done more easily without any worries.

2. Beyond Virtualization

Deploying private clouds in a flexible IT environment that meets the dynamically changing needs of the business is taken care by Windows Server 8. The foundation needed for creating complete platform for a private Cloud is laid by Virtualization Technology. Windows 8 Server provides increased scalability and performance environment.

3. Server Application Platform

Windows Server 8 integrates Internet Information Services that offers a strong platform for open-source web stacks and ASP.NET. With this latest Server Application Platform users can develop and host application workloads. It also provides a scalable and elastic web platform. With the few striking features above Windows Server 8 provides loads of features that you wouldn’t even dreamt of.

4. Windows Server 8 Download

You can Download the Windows 8 Server Beta version and the Product Guide from the links given below.

Download Windows 8 Server Beta version

Download Product Guide

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