Wipe-Out Pulse Game for XBOX 360 and PS

Are you in need of the speed that too, in a unique and fantastic racing track? Then the game of the wipe-out Pulse is perfect for you. This game is generally designed for the Play station and the Xbox. The plot takes you to the era of 2207 where a race is taking place in the unique antigravity racing tracks.

The wipe out franchise introduces more similar games like the wipe-out Pulse. The speedy racing experience and the high definition visual made the game and the gaming experience more rocking than any other type of racing games. It comes with stunning features and mind blowing speed just to fit your favorite Xbox.

Free Download Wipe-Out Pulse Game for XBOX 360 and PS

The unique feature of this game made it more acceptable to the race game lover than any other version of the wipe-out game:

  • The vehicles are colorful and futuristic, they gives you the fantastic experience of their speed when hovering in the anti gravity racing tracks.
  • There are several other furious vehicles that you c can compete with.
  • The game is generally played with the single player gamin g mode.
  • You can also have the dangerous and the advanced weapon from the arsenal—the weapons including the missiles, rockets, and plasma bolts makes the racing game much more exciting for the player.
  • The speed and the motion are gained generally with the help of the special pads in the running tracks.
  • The most exciting feature of the game is that you can choose your own vehicle among several other vehicles. The customization of your vehicle gives you the taste of the real racing essence.
  • The game is features with excellence and attractive—visual back ground, color, and music to give you the perfect ambience of racing
  • The extra ordinary graphics sounds and design is one of the unique characteristic of the Wipe out game.
  • The game in the PlayStation gives you two unique vehicle and two separate racing tracks to deal with.
  • These games are really available other than the Europe, and this rarity makes the game more exciting and desirable.
  • The racing tracks are unique with anti gravity system, sharp U turns, waterfalls and dangerous competitors. The track is also equipped with the Mag- stripes in some portion.
  • You can also try to play different exciting tournament modes.

If you are thinking that this game is just of your type then don’t delay to download the free version of this game from the site of

Free Download Wipe-Out Pulse Game for XBOX 360 and PS

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