WordCamp 2012 Cuttack Event for all WordPress User & Developers

WordPress has evolved itself to be one of the most preferred blogging and CMS tools for bloggers all across the world. While you might not believe but wordpress is the most used and liked tools for blogging by all bloggers. There are lots of features across wordpress which made itself to be huge blogging platform and not even webmasters are trying to put their hands onto it to utilize it in more better and customized way.

However, WordPress itself offers many advantages which made itself to be the best among the rest WordPress also allows you to have customization with themes and plugins, so that you can create your own web blog and website with with your imagination. While, if you are looking forward to learn more about WordPress, then here’s an awesome opportunity for you to learn and grow more at the WordCamp Cuttack 2012 camp which is specially meant for all bloggers, webmasters and for wordpress users and developers to share and invent new ideas.

WordCamp Cuttack 2012 Schedule

The WordCamp Cuttack 2012 camp this year is going to held in Cuttack, Odisha on 10th March and will be ending on 11th March. Below is the complete schedule of the wordpress Cuttak 2012 camp.

WordCamp 2012 Cuttack Event for WordPress User DevelopersWordCamp 2012 Cuttack Event for WordPress User Developers

You can also book your tickets from online at WordCamp Cuttack Book Tickets

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    February 20, 2012 at 6:52 pm #

    Thanks for the schedule, will definitely be attending.

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