World of War Craft: Best Collection for PC on Windows XP and Windows 7

You will be compelled to say wow to the new game of the World of War craft (Wow). It is one of the most popular and the most exciting game of today. These days the online games are in very high demand especially that which involves warfare and strategies. The World of the War craft gives you the chance of being a brave soldier and fight till you are destroyed.

The fight here is with the adverse environment and not with the opponent player. If you can survive you are the winner. Get to know about its exciting features to play it in your PC today.

World of War Craft: Best Collection for PC on Windows XP and Windows 7
The features of this strategy game are quite exciting:

  • You can play the game perfectly, when you have collected the level 70 warriors in the game.
  • The main aim is to play strategically and to cause the maximum damage. Your performances are counted by the damage per second in the raids.
  • When you are new to this game, you can have a full view of this game by the mode of queries. You can go to choose the perfect mode for the game and the right weapon for you. The game mainly revolves round the theory of the survival of the fittest in the adversity of the environment.
  • As a fury warrior you need to know the basic statistics that a fury warrior is expected to know. To improve your abilities as the fury warrior you need to include greater stamina, attack power, critical strike rating and the hit rating. The abilities are increased to inflict greater damages.
  • While you are playing you need to remember that 2 attack powers can be received from the point of strength but on the contrary no strength can be received from two attack powers.
  • It is very important on your part to select the gears and weapons rightly. Choose your weapons and shield correctly to survive. The greater attack powers games with the right weapons.

Choose you attacking power strength and the bonus pack very carefully as it are responsible to increase the rate of your strike in your advantage.

The world of the war craft is one of the most popular and the exciting game. You can easily get it in your PC that is Equipped with the comparatively latest version of the windows. You may not get this game as free game but you can try it demo to trial mode at

Free Download World of War Craft PC on Windows XP and 7 

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