10 Tips to Ensure Your Website is Not Over SEO Optimized

Google has always been one of the best source of getting visitors from Search Engine. Although with the growing changes in Google Policy and tremendous increase in the Google Penalty popularly know as Google Panda Penalty, it is now important for blogger to know what they have to do to make their site to be away from Over SEO Optimization website Penalty.

Currently, Google is in the process of creating a smart algorithm that would penalize all the Over-SEO Optimized sites. Google has already announced that the GoogleBot is going to become more smarter than it used to be and will hit out hardly on those who use too many Keywords along with Links. Although, according to the sources, GoogleBot is currently using more than 500 different signals to judge the usefulness of a web page and this number is expected to be increase with the introduction of this algorithm. So lets check out some of the most important things which you need to take into consideration.

10 Tips to Save from Over SEO Optimized Google Panda Penalty

1. Keyword Stuffing Titles and Headings[Bad Idea]

This is one of the most important thing which GoogleBot will always take into consideration. If you are using too many H1, H2, H3 in your Titles and Headings then you might need to take all these things and sit back to change all of them again, since Google will take this as Keyword Stuffing. Another Note of keyword stuffing would be to extending Tiles to more than 70 in any post/article.

2. Give a Pause Limit to Internal Linking

everyone knows Internal Linking is a great way to make readers offer more related stories inside the post/article. While Internal Linking also provides the webmaster to have Low Bounce rate. Although, we believe that everyone must concentrate on Internal Links as much as possible as far as they are not going to have more than 10 Per Page. Previously there was no set limit to Internal links but now having more than 20 or 25 links per page could damage your Blog in this update.

3. Keyword Density Monitoring

This is also an important step in monitoring your blog pages. If you are using Writers, Guest Posters then you might have to train them about the keywords for proper SEO Practices. Once the new update is applied, you might need to focus heavily on where to place your keywords along with number of keywords in an article.

4. Having Best Internet Marketing Services

If you are still confused whether your site is Over SEO optimized then its always better to hire a SEO Consultant and they will optimized all the work for you.

5. Alternate keyword Analysis

Everyone are targeting the same keywords at a time in the post, so its always better to focus more on some alternate keywords also which will also strengthen your SEO techniques and will allow you to effectively reach on top of Google Search Page. Along with that, make sure that your SEO Consultant does have a good amount of knowledge on Alternate keyword Analysis.

6. Repeated Anchor Text for Linking & Same Word Combinations

GoogleBot is going to become more smarter which will enable itself to decide the difference between Paid and Organic Links. If you are having more than 2 anchor links on the same keywords then Google is expected to consider your Post as Spam. For this, you can go for alternate anchor text like “Top apps for android”, “Android apps”, “must have android apps”, and so on. When the GoogleBot crawls your web page, and when it finds more key phrases with the same combination then the result would be suffering of your Search Result Position. While using more key phrases depicting similar meaning would harm your site badly in the new update.

7. Not to Optimize Irrelevant keywords

KeywordRank is a special metric used by Google to check how many times a particular keyword is been used in a web page. One can use GOogle Adword Keyword tool to find relevant keywords for your web page and article so that you will always be safe from Google Penalty.

8. Check for Duplicate Content

One of the most important point in this whole article is to find duplicate content in the website, as everyone knows that Duplicate content will always bring the PageRank of a website down. You also might have to check out Similar Content on others website to find more about about Duplicate issue. You can also use some of the available online tools for checking Duplicate Content issue.

9. Don’t Optimize same Keywords on Multiple Pages

One has to always use targeted keywords for all individual posts, using the same keywords for 2-3 posts would surely harm you in the long run when Google Penalty comes.

10. Use Perfect SEO Plugins

One has to always listen to what their Plugin says. Plugins today have become more smarter and are effectively providing the best performance report for all individual posts. Normally these days, Plugin do warn again the use of over Optimization whenever the keyword density is High. Always listen to these errors and have a complete check on them.

These are out Tips on to get safer side from the upcoming Google Penalty. If you have any, we would like to know, do share with us over here.

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