4 top notch Selfie Apps for iOS Devices

Crazy about taking beautiful, vibrant and creative selfies from your smartphone or iOS device? Well, these 5 selfie apps will increase your craziness to a whole new level. Check out all these apps and click great selfies in some moments.

1. CreamCam selfie smoother

Just one touch is enough to make your selfies free from various imperfections on your face like acne, shine, blackheads, wrinkles and pimples. This app transforms the entire selfie in such a way that it looks very natural. You don’t have to do any kind of editing. This selfie iOS app will take care of it. Download this App from Store.

2. Snapdash

Make your friends jealous by clicking selfies in the interesting and liveliest way possible. This app will suggest an innovative poses and give you the instructions to do so in a short span of time. You just have to pose before the timer finishes and clicks a selfie. This unique feature makes it one of the top selfie apps for iOS devices. Once you take an exciting selfie, you can add a caption, share with your friends and have fun. Download this App from Store.

3. Sketch Guru

Become the artist of your own selfies with this iOS application. It assists you to transform your selfies into creative sketches. It includes lot of sketch options like BlackBoardColor, BlackBoard, Print, ComicB&W, ColorPencil Gouache, HalfTone, PencilSketch, SimpleSketch , WaterColor and No sketch. You can use the filters, adjust the effects and create a sketch based selfie in a short span of time. Download this App from Store.

Best 4 top notch Selfie Apps for iOS Devices

4. Frontback

Capture the front and the back world in one picture using this selfie apps for iOS smartphones. It also has a self-timer option for people who take a little time to pose right for the picture. You can also take both the photos from the front camera or the back camera. This can make your photos more interesting. Besides that, it also has options to add a location, caption and image sharing in various sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is one of the must have selfie iOS app. Download this App from Store.

Final word

Let it be a selfie, shelfie, celebfie, belfie or a groupfie, these iOS apps can add the tint of creativity in your photos. So start having fun while taking selfies and share them with your friends. Do tell us which of these apps you will use the most and why?

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