5 Android Apps to have Extra dose of Fun

Are pranks, trolls, memes and jovial stuff a part of your life? Then, you should definitely have a look at these 5 android apps which activate the jovial side of you. Let’s start exploring the apps right away.

1. Funny Jokes

Sweet curve of smile will spread across your face when you read the jokes from this fun android application. It delivers one liners, Yo Momma, funny insults, little johny, adult, long, Spanish, blonde and redneck jokes on your smartphone. It not only tickles your funny bone but also gives you a fresh dose of entertainment. Share it with your friends, spread joy around you have fun. You can also comment on the existing jokes and make it more interesting. Get via Play Store.

2. Meme Generator Free

Love trolling, creating memes and bursting the bubble of humor on your friends? Then, this android fun application is for you. Just use the inbuilt memes from the app, add the splash of your text and present it in front of your friends. You can also select a picture from your gallery and create a meme from it. Play with the text, crop the images, and decide the position of your text in some moments. You can also share them on a huge variety of social media and digital platforms. Get via Play Store.

3. Lie Detector Simulator Fun

Trick your friends and play a prank with them with this fun app for android smartphones. This app is a fake lie-detector. All you need to do is set the pre-defined answers in the settings, ask them to keep their finger on the phone and place a bunch of questions in front of them. The app shows the pre-defined answers. From thereon, you can take over and pull their legs. Get via Play Store.

5 Android Apps to have Extra dose of Fun

4. Photofunia

Trigger your imagination to create extravagant photos with photofunia application. Use your image in a super hero’s costume, a gallery, a fashion magazine, a vintage wall and many more effects. Just upload your image, select from over 100 effects and it’s done. Besides creating photos, you can also share them with your friends. It is the best way to have fun with your image. Get via Play Store.

5. Fart Sound Board: Funny Sounds

Don’t limit your fun only with images, also use the funny sounds to make a boring conversation funny. This fun application has sounds of fart, piano, fart grenade, burp and gas blaster. Besides making noise, this app also features fart games, fart lie detector, gift prank and match pairs. So you can, not only trick your friends with weird sounds, but also play games in your pastime. Get via Play Store.

Final word

The above-mentioned fun android apps will help you to tease, play pranks and enjoy easily with your friends. Do let us know which one of them you liked the most and why?

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