5 Best Android Apps to Fake away everytime

Caught in an awkward situation and want to find a way out of it without sounding rude, then check out these 5 free android apps. They will give you a smart solution in just a few moments.

Fake a call

Schedule a fake call with your boss, father or even from the president of the United States from this android app. You can choose a member from your contact, record a voice on the other end, customize ringtones to make it sound real time voice call.

Fake a message

Faking a message from your lover, boss, parents or any other person of the world is very easy from this app. You can choose a number from your contacts, write a text and get an incoming text whenever you want it to appear on your mobile. The best part of the app is that it looks very real and the opposite person will believe it for sure. Get via Play Store.

Fake a location

Having a possessive boyfriend/girlfriend, suspicious sister/ brother or an annoying friend in your life, then this app is right for you. It helps you to fake a location and upload it in various apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, foursquare, etc. You can use this app to save yourself from a boring or an annoying situation in your life. Get via Play Store.

5 Best Android Apps helps you to Fake all time

Fake an excuse

Play pre-recorded voices like a door bell, police siren, call waiting, signal breaking up, other phone, and emergency broadcast signal from your smartphone by using this app. It has over 50 excuses to help you get out of a boring call. Ensure that you use the loud speaker on the phone to get the right results at the right time. Get via Play Store.

Fake a battery

Don’t want to give your phone to someone or want to show people that you have less battery, then this app is for you. It shows a fake low battery message on your screen, which can make people believe that you genuinely have no battery. Download this app right away and use it to avoid facing uncooperative situations. Get via Play Store.

Final word

These apps work without leaving a clue of being fake to the opposite person. You can use them to trick your boss, girlfriend, friends and strangers. We loved using these apps in an awkward situation. Do let us know your views after using these apps.

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