5 best Android Apps to Manage Business effectively

Make your smartphone wittier with these 5 android apps for business. They not only save your time, but act as a valuable resource. You can use them to get maximum results in the minimum time. Let’s explore the smart business android application right away.

1. Camcard

“Scan and save business cards in your smartphone”

How would it be if your mobile would scan business cards, retrieve all the information from them, align the data into respective fields and store them in your contacts? Well, this is exactly what Camcard does. It also allows you to right messages and reminders for every card. Besides that, it stores all the cards in a card holder. You can also share cards on various digital mediums through this business android app. Get via Play Store.

2. Camscanner

“Scan documents from anywhere at any time.”

Transform your smartphone into a next generation scanner with this business application. It smoothly read the documents from the eye of the camera, scans them and saves them in your smartphone. After scanning the documents, it also enhances the details with the filters present in the app. You can save these files in either JPEG or PDF format. This application also assists you in sharing these documents on various digital media platforms. Get via Play Store.

3. Hootsuite for Twitter & Social

“Every organization needs it and smart digital marketers adore it.“
This application is not only fast, but also smart. It assists you to publish your post in all the above-mentioned websites at the same time. Besides this, you can also schedule social media post with this application. It also has an auto schedule feature, which post social media entries during the peak hours of traffic in that social media website.
It features a URL shortner as well. In short it is a time saving social media and android business application. Use this to get maximum results in minimum time. Get via Play Store.


4. Mega v2

“Store all your vital documents in an encrypted cloud vault”

Never ever in your life miss the digital copy of the most important documents of your organization. Use this app to upload them in an encrypted cloud vault. Only you can decrypt the vault with the assistance of your devices. The best part of this app is that, it gives you 50GB of free storage space, where you can store pictures, documents, accounts and much more. Just some touches and your files safely rest in the cloud. You can upload and retrieve them any location of the world with digital access. Get via Play Store.

5. Account Book

“Manage you accounts from your smartphone”

Keep a track of all your accounts in a ledger/account book of this business app. It has apt provisions to mention detail information about your debit, credit, income, expense and invoice of your organization. Just spend few moment to share accounts and invoice with your clients. It also reminds you the due date of your payments. Get via Play Store.

Final word

Use the combination of all these 5 android business application to scan, store and manage various documents and operations of your business. Do let us know which of these app you would recommend and why?

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