5 Best Apps to make money in free time

Turn your smartphone into a money making machine, earn money from it and spend it for your needs. You can do so by installing the 5 below-mentioned money making android apps on your smartphone. Explore the benefits of them right away.

1. Mintcoins

Kill your boring time with a dose of entertainment and get paid for it. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Well, mintcoin helps you to do so. It pays you for playing games, watching videos and downloading apps. You can also complete surveys and register on the websites to earn money. You can also make 0.25$ for referring a friend to this app. Once you reach the 1$ benchmark, you can withdraw money from it. Download it here.

2. Tapcash

It is yet another app which helps you to earn money for downloading games and apps. Once you download the apps and run them, you will get credits. Collect these credits and withdraw them for cash or gift cards from various stores. You can also earn credits for referring your friends and inviting them from social media accounts. Download it here.

3. Pact

Get ready to be healthy and enjoy cash benefits for it. Using this application, you can choose a commitment, execute them daily and earn money from it. The commitment can be very simple like going to the gym every day and eating healthy food. It has over 5 million activities to keep you healthy. But, if you don’t complete the activity, you will have to pay money to this app. Download it here.

5 Best Apps to make money in free time

4. AppCasher

Utilize your free time to earn money from this money making android app- AppCasher. It helps you to get gift coupons from Amazon, iTunes and PayPal. All you need to do is install the apps posted on this app and test the app. You will get credits for testing in each app. You can exchange these credits to get gift cards. You can also invite your friends and earn credits. Download it here.

5. IconZoomer

Just click photos and get paid for it. Isn’t that a very simple way of making money from your smartphone? Yes, it is. That’s the concept behind IconZoomer. You will get assignments, just complete them by taking pics, and earn money. The payments will be transferred to you in your PayPal account. Download it here.

Final word

These apps not only make money for you, but also kill your boring time. We found ach of them very productive and authentic. Do let us know how much money you have made from these 5 apps.

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  1. July 17, 2015 at 7:40 pm #

    Wow you have mentioned some cool apps to earn at least pocket money for some days.

    I feel it is better for those who do not want to spend their time on social networking sites and try to earn something from their smartphones..

    Waiting for some more apps and articles like this!

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