5 Best Health Related Apps For iPhone

We are a tech savvy community and spend most of our time in front of our computers and mobiles. This often lets our health take the back seat, as may generally never really find time to go to the gym or a fitness class. We also end up choosing fast food over healthier food options. But worry not, with the right iOS apps you could tackle such issues too! Below mentioned are 5 such great apps.

5. Authentic Yoga

With the help of this wonderful app you could practice yoga from your home or the office. It has a comprehensive list that showcases many different levels of yoga routines. Videos it offers could help you develop your flexibility, strength and balance and teach you correct poses. Your yoga sessions could either be accompanied with voice or music and would be given by renowned yoga masters. Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles costs $1.99

4. Nutrition Tips

This colorful app gives you over 500 plus fun factoids to help you have a healthy and safe diet. They are presented on a sleek Post-it look-alike format and you just need to swipe the page or shake your phone to see the next tip. Tips like a cut melon must be thrown out after two hours or oysters contain protein, calcium, phosphorus and iron make this app an all rounder covering loads of useful information. Nutrition Tips is Free.

Best 5 Health Realted Apps For iPhone

3. Lose It

This handy tracker lets you consolidate your food diary and workout journal into one. The extensive food library includes name-brands plus generic categories like coffee, fruit and chicken (broiled, oven roasted, etc.). Each food type has accurate information on calorie, fat, carb, protein, fiber and sodium which you can track.  You can add in your daily exercises by including intensity and time spent—and the app would calculate the calories you ate, the ones you burned and balance volume you can eat that day. It could also show you a graph based on your data on your weight lost to keep you motivated. Lost It is free.

2. iFitness

This app offers 230 plus exercises that are sorted by body regions or muscle group. It also has 100 plus instructional videos. You could add and edit custom exercises based on your own choices too. It also offers 12 routines created by renowned fitness experts, graphing technology, workout and weight logs, stop-watch timers, a option to e-mail desired workout logs to yourself, and more useful features. iFitness costs $1.99.

1. C25K

The name of this app is just perfect; it stands for Couch to 5k and is perfect for newbies to the jogging world. It offers a 9 week regimen, of 30-40-minute sessions, 3 days a week. The sessions are designed to improve your endurance gradually. Like the first weeks schedule of 60 seconds of running plus walking for 20 minutes and a five-minute warm up and cool down. The second weeks schedule gradually increases to 90 seconds of running plus two minutes of walking and so on gradual increase every week. An audio prompter reminds you when it is time to run or walk so you need not bother to remember such things. C25K costs $2.99.

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