5 Best Health Related Apps For Android

These days life is fast and full of distractions, leaving us with less time to relax or take care of one’s health. Luckily, the same devices that lead you to forget what your body needs can also be used to promote healthy living. Below mentioned are 5 such health related apps on the Google Play store.

5. Fast Food Calorie Counter

To resist the allure of fast food is a difficult task, even if you are trying to watch your weight! So when you happen to indulge in one such quick craving or munching on a busy day, this app can help you mitigate the disastrous effect high and regular intake of too many delicious, fried, mayonnaise-drenched snacks. It has data for almost 9,000 items served in over 72 fast food restaurants. It could let you know details like calories, fat grams, fiber, carbs and protein that each snack you munched has. This app comes in two versions-the free one and a paid one. Fast Food Calorie Counter Lite-free and  Fast Food Calorie Counter for $1.99.

Best 5 Health Related Apps For Android

4. Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo Sports Tracker is one of the most popular fitness apps around. This app keeps track of your distance and time, whether you’re running, walking or cycling. It has an audio coach that could help you stay motivated. You also have the option to compete against times set by friends and strangers too. It has route maps that could help you find new places to work out and could also find you locations for activities that you haven’t covered like weight training etc. You also have the choice to manually enter work outs into the app, which would help you to keep track of your exercise. This app comes in two versions-the free one and a paid one. Endomondo Sports Tracker-free and Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro for £1.99.

3. Instant Heart Rate Pro

If you think you need a dedicated piece of equipment to check your heart rate, you are wrong. An app on your smart phone can do the trick. This app could display your heart rate and even keeps a log of previous measurements. When you place the tip of your index finger on the phone’s camera, this app tracks the color changes on your fingertip, which could tell about your pulse and give you a heart rate reading. Instant Heart Rate Pro for £1.24

2. RunKeeper

This is quiet an conventional app for tracking runs. It also lets you control your music through the app even if you are working out, track walking, cycling or running. You can view stats and progress reports. You could also seek audio coaching to keep you motivated. This app even makes bragging possible by giving you option to upload your route and statistics on the RunKeeper Website, Facebook or Twitter! RunKeeper is Free.

1. Sleepbot

We spend a third of our life asleep and hardly pay attention to what actually happens in our body during that time. SleepBot provides a simple and comprehensive sleep tracking solution by tracking your movements in sleep by measuring your sleep duration and how often you wake up during the night. It also has smart alarms and option for viewing graphs of sleep patterns over time. Sleepbot is Free.

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