Arrange, Schedule and Monitor Tweets with TweetDeck for Windows and Mac

In today’s Tech World everyone is connected to their friends and families by means of Social Networking Sites. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ take over the social media. Recently a new Tool is released and it’s called TweetDeck. What is the necessity? Then you can find the answer within yourself.

A lot of users want something new, change and mostly user friendly features. Well TweetDeck in fully equipped with all the above mentioned.

Free Download Schedule Monitor Tweets TweetDeck for Windows and Mac

Let us see some of the features TweetDeck provides for the users all around the world.


Well speaking of design TweetDeck gets full points. It has various integrated design features which attracts the users. The user screen is divided in to several columns for easy access and use. This tool has a super looking sleek design.

TweetDeck once customized by the user then it can give you the awesome look and feel experience.It also has a pop up window which provides you notifications. TweetDeck is integrated with awesome looking Dashboard where you can see all the updates.

Multiple Accounts

Well most of the social sites don’t provide you with the multiple account logins. Wouldn’t it be great if we had one? Well then the wait is over. By using TweetDeck users can have multiple accounts login in Twitter.

It also manages Facebook and Google+ from where we can get updates and streams respectively. But Facebook pages are not provided by this tool which is a bit sour feature. This tool does a great job in handling multiples accounts.

Easy Navigation

Navigation from one page to another always had been a problem for users over the touch screens for the users. But TweetDeck provides user friendly easy navigation feature which allows the user to navigate between the columns which is a unique feature.

User can navigate both in horizontal as well as vertical directions just by sliding the finger over the screen. Which is a really cool and user friendly feature that all users prompt to.

User Friendly

TweetDeck is user friendly in nature in many ways as we discussed above. The user interface makes it much more user friendly to user. Just easy installation of this tool and user has all the freedom in experiencing multiple social sites simultaneously.

The photo upload options are very easy to use. TweetDeck’s single column view makes a bigger point in terms of user friendly feature.

Free Download Schedule Monitor Tweets TweetDeck for Windows and Mac

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