Backupify – Take BackUp Data from Facebook, Twitter and other Networking Sites

Almost everyone of us today are using some or the other Social Networkign Websites whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Google+ or any other site. Whenever we join such sites, we always get excited to post all of our Photos and Videos online. But just imagine, if anything happens to our account say like, if someone hacked our account then all of our Photos and Videos will be lost and you will have lost all your memories which you have stored earlier in form of Photos in Social Networks.

To avoid these kind of situations, today we are going to bring you one of the best Backup tools called Backupify which will backup all of your database from various Social Networking website. The best part of this site is that it allow storage facility of upto 1GB for free users, where you can almost store everything which ever you want. While, of the most peacuful thing is this website is fully safe and secure to use.

How to use Backupify to Backup data

1. You just need to SignUp first on the website to access 1GB free storage.

2. Next, you will have to click on the Add Button to save the date from Social Networking site as shown below.

How to take BackUp from Facebook, Twitter using Backupify

3. Next, it would ask you to login to your Facebook account and then you just have to connect to Facebook by clicking in ‘Go to App’ and give the permission to use account details to backup.

How to take BackUp from Facebook, Twitter using Backupify

While, one of the most important reason, why this is important, because these days, hackers have increased in large numbers, and any time you might lose your accounts and its date. So to be on safer side, we recommend everyone to use this service and get your data backup before your lose it. Share this with everyone to let everyone know about this beautiful service.

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