Challenge your Enemies with Bastion PC Game for Windows XP and Vista and Windows 7

Bastion is magnificently miscellaneous games which proffers up a huge deal of suppleness in how you can move towards its several hidden challenges.
It is a game that is positive in what it has to proffer for a really good reason. This game is a marvelously comprehensive battle role-playing game that does not misuse your time with everything less than its greatest.

Straightforwardness and diversity infuse the complete game to make a madly modifiable experience that forever makes you eager for what is coming up then. Stages every time finish on an elevated note, and the number of ways you can squeeze your character is widespread. There’s a large number to find out in Bastion, and yet after you have observed it all, it is still a game that is tough to dig.

Free Download Challenge Bastion PC Game for Windows XP and Vista and Windows 7

Advantages of Bastion:

  • Stunning artistic approach
  • Diverse stages present unpredictable challenges
  • Large numbers of arms and also other unlockables
  • Many techniques to modify your character and also your experience

While one is sleeping, usually the world comes to an end. Since The Kid, who is an exceptional survivor of the calamitous disaster, then your finest possibility for endurance lies with the bastion which is a huge, floating island balanced unhurt in the sky. The one and the only problem is this: it’s not yet ended, and its left over pieces is spread across an insolvent and unfriendly landscape.

With the players very initial step this spoiled world coils to life like the pieces of old stairways, bridges and city streets change at your feet gratitude to a tiny piece of the bastion that The kid bears on his backside. As well to its visual look, this method very delicately makes the player ahead and assists direct their progress.

System Requirements for Bastion:

  • OS- Windows XP or Vista or 7
  • RAM- 2 GB
  • CPU- 1.7 GHz
  • Sound Card- DirectX 9c
  • Video Card- 64 MB


  • Eye-catching hand decorated artwork in complete 1080pixel resolution
  • Seriously acclaimed imaginative music store
  • Hours of immediate recitation conveys a profound story
  • Exciting combat returns playing with flair
  • Controls are custom-made to PC and also gamepad support
  • More than 10 exclusive upgradable arms to be utilized
  • 6 influential Bastion constructions to be exposed
  • After finishing the story line the ‘New Game plus’ mode is unlocked

For downloading this game one can use the link

Free Download Challenge Bastion PC Game for Windows XP and Vista and Windows 7

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