Chat, Like and Comment with Facebook Messenger Android App for Mobile

Don’t have the time to buzz around your System all the time and stay Connected to friends and families over the Facebook? There is no need when you can have an App which enables you to stay Connected to Facebook by Instant Messaging.

Facebook Messenger Android App is an amazing App that lest you to send Text Messages from your Mobile Device to your friends over the Facebook. Even if you don’t have your friends Number in your stored contacts this Facebook Messenger Android App will let you go online to his/her Profile and let you link his Phone Number to this App in order to send. But make sure that his/her Profile policies are allowed to Access Phone Numbers.

Free Download Chat Facebook Messenger Android App for Mobile

Let us see the Features and Tools Facebook Messenger Android App provides for the users.

Features of Facebook Messenger Android App

  • Facebook Messenger Android App has an integrated Text Message Service.
  • Facebook Messenger Android App is developed by Facebook.
  • This App provides Instant Text Messaging Service.
  • Various alerts such as Push Notifications are also managed by this App.
  • This App behaves same manner as your Phone in real time when a normal Message arrives. It shows a Prompt Window when a new Message arrives.
  • Along with the Instant messaging and Text service it also provides Online Chat also which enables you to go Online.
  • Facebook Messenger Android App is much Faster and provides Accuracy.
  • The time taken for Sending and Receiving a Message is considerably Fast which ease out the task of the various users.
  • Facebook Messenger Android App is fully Featured and has various Options and Settings for users.
  • If you don’t have a Number of a friends but still your friend in the Facebook has provided in his Profile then this App can Fetch the Number Online and enables you to send him Message through this App.
  • Are you worried what if your Phone Number get synchronous with your profile without even a warning to you or without your knowledge?
  • Not to worry this App has that option that you can Disable the Settings for not letting your personal Phone Number get synchronous with it.
  • Although Facebook policies provide that you’re Phone Number will not be made Public to Access without your knowledge.

Requirements of Facebook Messenger Android App

  • An Android OS enabled Phone.
  • Allow Network Access.

Download this App from the site

Free Download Chat Facebook Messenger Android App for Mobile

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