CopyTransManager – An Awesome Alternative for iTunes

Good news to iPod users! Yes Apple company allows only iTunes to manage media files from or to iPod devices. Users may felt always find for more friendly and different softwares to interact iPod’s.

CopyTransManager is Windows software or Windows Tools that has been designed to work with iPods to handle transferring files from or to iPod via computer system. CopyTransManager Provides effective and quick way to manage files iPods. Let describe the features:

Manage iPod iPhone without iTunes with CopyTransManager

Features of CopyTransManager:

  • CopyTransManager Window application has well organized appearance, able to transfer files quickly within a single mouse click.
  • CopyTransManager is updated Windows Tools allows drag and drop operational interface for transferring files from system to iPod or iPod to Systems.
  • Most Windows Applications don’t include the safety measures to eject portable devices. But CopyTransManager Windows Tools that you can count on safe ejection of devices connected after completing all operations with device using ejector tool present inside this tool.
  • This Windows software permits user to create, organize, modify and delete exist playlists. Rename playlists and append songs in playlists.
  • CopyTransManager  is wonderful Windows Application compatible with most of Apple’s products including  iPad , iPad2, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iphone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone CDMA version,  iPod nano, iPod classic and iPod shuffle.
  • CopyTransManage prior known as CopyPod because sync operation without iTunes with system will cause reverse transmit data not possible.
  • CopyTransManager Windows Applications acts as backup/recovery Windows Tools for taking a copy of all files from iPods. Backup can be done simply drag and drop and restore also same. After placing backup files in iPod click restore in iPod.
  • This Windows software scans automatically for Portable devices or players to get list of media files stored in it. Selection of media files can be done automatically or manually by user. User selects media files by single, album wise and even select by order album name or artist.
  • A CopyTransManager Windows Tools that allows user to direct play the media files present in portable devices like iPod.
  • CopyTransManager allows copying files like audio, video, song, music tracks, audiobooks, movies and TV shows.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, Vista, 7
  • RAM: 1GB and higher versions
  • Processor: Pentium 4 and later on Processor models
  • Space Required: 8 free Megabytes of free disk space setup file size.

Download from our link:

Manage iPod iPhone without iTunes with CopyTransManager

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