Customize Gaming Desktop with Need for Speed Shift Theme for Windows 7

Are you crazy about the racing games and want to have all the fun in the world? Then you have landed on the correct place to have some real gaming experience. Need for Speed Shift for Windows in an amazing game for gaming maniacs.

But what if you are busy at work and couldn’t play no need to worry a bit because you can always have a look and feel of this game by Need for Speed Shift Theme for Windows Need for speed Shift is one of successor game version of NFS. Shift is best ever game and most liked in NFS series.

Free Download NFS Need for Speed Shift Theme for Windows 7

Electronic Arts satisfy the millions of racing and gaming fans anticipation by creating great new beginning for gaming environment franchise. Need for Speed shift also available on Xbox 360, PS3, PSP and iPhone.

Need for Speed Shift Theme 

Need for Speed Shift Theme has an excellent look and feel on the desktop once it is applied. It has many types of wallpaper so called High Definitions and look great on desktop screen with crisp image quality that gives a stunning look and feel. Various race tracks such as Laguna seca, Wilow springs and nurberging that brought to real life Excellency in race tracks.

Unlike other versions of NFS it does not have Story only but also a voice will be heard before game initiates and after prizes and cash won. Various windows sounds are also integrated so that user can have total look and feel of the entire racing game.

The sounds include Windows Log in and Log off. Rear view mirror snapshots in the wallpaper also provided to watch out for cars at tail end planning to crash on you. Electronic Arts incorporate with Slight Mad studios to design this awesome and amazing NFS shift game. Slight mad studio who designed GTR and some other popular games for PCs.

However, you can also play games for other version of NFS which includes Need For Speed Carbon or Need For Speed Shift or Need For Speed Most Wanted or Need For Speed High Stakes or Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 or Need For Speed Run or Need For Speed Underground 2 or Need For Speed ProStreet or Need For Speed Nitro and finally Need for Speed UndercoverDownload them all and get entertained everywhere.

20 tracks marks are designed in this Shift version of NFS. So it is best suited for racers/gamers who seek for real car race in game. But the users who are not able to play this game they can very well apply Need for Speed ProStreet Theme for Windows and always have a look and feel of this amazing and awesome looking theme.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Free space on HDD: 45 MB

You can download this theme from the following link

Free Download NFS Need for Speed Shift Theme for Windows 7

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