Download Anime Fans themes for Windows 7

Anime is the abbreviated form of the word animation. This word is use to refer to the shows presented by Japanese in animation form. For decades, anime was produced by and for Japan and was a local product, with a distinct look-and-feel to not just the artwork but the storytelling, the themes, and the concepts too.

Later with time, it became world wide famous and today this anime shows have millions of lover world wide. It is now known as an international Japanese show. It attracts different generation and knows for its inheritance opinion, i.e. A generation recommends these shows to another generation.

As it is different from all other cartoons and American superhero like Spiderman, batman etc, it has its own unique-ness in it. So Windows Theme is providing you with the best anime themes to stick to your show even when you are doing something else on your PC.

Download Anime Fans themes for Windows 7

Deathnote theme:-

One of the famous shows is death-note which is one of the famous anime appreciated and loved by all anime fans. It is a manga wherein the main character ‘light yagami’ discovers a not named as deathnote which is dropped on earth by the lord of death. Hence the story begins and gathered millions of fans. So here windows theme collection now discovered a theme for this manga-deathnote theme.  It has Light at the Ray Penber scene edited in such a way that it gives a classy look. Download this at death-note

Light and shinigami:-

There is one more deathnote theme which has light yagami and shinigami as its desktop wallpaper. Light yagami holding a staff near its foreground. Ryuk, Rem and Shinigami in the background. Near and Mellow, his enemies, facing away on opposite sides. overall its an awesome theme for deathnote lovers. Download this at light-and-shinigami

Windows Theme has a lot of other anime themes collection. Some of the best themes are high school of dead theme, gravitation, japan ink, bleach theme and overall anime theme.  You can download those themes at Anime themes

Naruto themes:-

There is another theme for Naruto which is also as famous as death-note, It is a story of a nine-tailed Demon fox decimating many people, it is famous because it is a mixture of action, comedy, drama, martial arts and adventure. This Windows Theme has best 56 wallpapers from the manga with the sounds effects to give you the complete pack of Naruto themes. But it doesn’t include icons or gadgets.  Download this at naruto-with-sounds

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