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Whether you’re an adult or a teenager, you’re likely to make use of Facebook to engage in online conversation. Simply put, Facebook is one of the most popular ways in which to communicate.

That said, it’s not always convenient to access or be signed into within your browser on a constant basis in order to maintain your chat availability. Enter Chit Chat for Facebook, a desktop Facebook messaging software tool designed specifically for that purpose.

Free Download Facebook Chat Add On Chit Chat for Facebook

Chit Chat is a freeware application, although it’s development is funded by advertisements from within the application. That said, the advertisements are easily ignored and don’t impair on your Facebook messaging experience.

As you would expect from an instant messaging application, Chit Chat neatly organizes your Facebook contacts into a handy online/offline list. That said, Chit Chat also supports your Facebook user groups.

The more popular functionality of this Facebook desktop chat application includes the ability to save your instant message conversations, format your instant messages and insert emoticons. That said, this Facebook tool also supports proxies and the ability to sort your buddies by when they were last online or alphabetically.

Personally, I found the ability to insert an emoticon at a click of a button rather useful as it meant that I didn’t have to remember – or lookup emoticon shortcut codes.

You’ll see from the screen shot attached that each conversation opens up as a separate button on the conversational window with a colored circle next to that contact. Green indicates online, red offline, a half moon away and yellow that a message has been received but not yet read.

This Facebook tool has been translated into nine languages (Albanian, Arabic, Dutch, English, Italian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Vietnamese), although if Chit Chat isn’t available in your language yet the developers provide a translation tool for you to be able to translate it.

Having been a Chit Chat user for some time, I like the fact that the Facebook software lets you know when a new version has been released. The software on occasion forces you to update due to technical issues or lets you optionally update if just a minor fix or new function has been added.

Other functionality includes:

  • Customize instant message fonts
  • Make use of bold and italic in Facebook instant messages
  • Customize your audio alerts
  • See when your friends sign in or out of Facebook

You can download Chit Chat for Facebook from the following downloadable link

Free Download Facebook Chat Add On Chit Chat for Facebook

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