Download Free TeamViewer for Windows 8

You would like to use all the application in the OS you are using, therefore you will want the apps to be compatible with the OS you are using. If you are thinking whether or not to go for windows 8 because of compatibility, then you need not think much. You should undoubtedly go ahead as almost all the apps are compatible to windows 8.

Team viewer is also available for windows 8 user now. This famous app is widely used by many companies all over. This is basically a remote desktop application which also you to control the remote desktop at remote computers. The main advantage of this app is that it is possible to achieve the connection without any complicated set-up process and configuration. Hence it is the best remote desktop application.

This is mainly popular among companies and large industry, still it has also found place in small scale business and at home PC’s too. Infact, few rely completely on applications like team viewer for their income.

Team viewer is not a tough application to use. You need to download and install it in your system. You will be provided with an ID and password to login. By giving in the details you can login and access any desktop from any place in this world, but from the other side a person should acknowledge your ID and password. The ID and password should be entered from the other end whose desktop you would like to access. The control will be set up after few seconds and you will be able to access the desktop easily.

Download Free TeamViewer Software for Windows 8 PC

Features of Team Viewer

  • Remote control of the desktop, you can not only view the desktop but can also use it.
  • You can also organize a meeting using the Microsoft outlook from the remote accessed system.
  • You can also record your work happening on the remote desktop
  • You also have access to the audio and video played at the other end desktop.
  • Therefore, if you are giving some presentation from the remote access desktop then you need worry about the audio and video files of the presentation.

You can also send and receive files, text chat with any other person on any other location. The latest version of Team Viewer enables you to also get the remote printing work done in your home office.

There is a session handover feature which allows one expert to handover a session to another. It creates a virtual environment where multiple people can work together. Download

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