Download G-Data Internet Security 2012 for Windows PC

Internet becomes vulnerable for Cyber attacks, Data theft and injecting Spybots. A good Internet Security Software required Browsing over Internet. With over 20 years in Computer Security field, G-Data Internet Security delivers a High level of Security and easy to use Software Product.
Anti-spyware with Antivirus are combined to make complete Web Protection. This Security  protects users from Phishing Scams, Dialers, Adware, and Malicious Scripts, Trojan, Rootkits, Worms and many more.

German technology based G-Data Internet Security offers best Security by Antivirus, Antiphising, Antispam, Firewall and Parental Controls.

Free Download G-Data Internet Security 2012 for Windows XP Vista 7

G-Data Internet Security provides:

  • Advanced protection from virus spread from Mail or IM.
  • Software scans outbound mails for Malware so that cannot send threat or bug to coworkers or friends.


  • PC with Windows XP and later on versions.
  • Minimum of 512MB RAM Memory
  • Internet Access
  • Microsoft Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and many more.

1. Effectiveness:

  • G-Data Internet Security offers Security protection levels is unique and second to none any other Antivirus Software.
  • Security Software gets automated virus definitions in an hourly basis.

2. PC Performance remains unaffected:

  • Optimum High Security from G-Data is completely undetectable .It has Features like self learning finger printing ad white listing makes acceleration while running G-Data Internet Security. So that PC Performance remains unaffected.
  • It enhances the system Performance by optimized using system resources, so Processor remains not disturbed frequently, thus it leads to increase concurrency in system.

3. Parental Controls:

  • Parental Control option offers user to block Porn Websites and other harmful contents.
  • Parental Controls also scans for unwanted Data and Malware and bugs injected and spread through Mail.

4. Installation/Un-installation Ease:

  • Installing this Software much easier compared to other Internet Security Software, because it provides better user interaction by Wizard Guidance Procedure.
  • Uninstallation Process also results in smooth way.

5. Internet update:

  • By simply pressing Performance update, updating Process begins to start downloading updated or newer virus definition and program release Internet Security Software.
  • After updating it verifies the user by showing system is fully protected with updated virus definition and program version.

6. Custom or full installation

  • Users able to do full installation (recommended) or to do custom installation.
  • A full setup applies the settings that make sense for majority of users.
  • However user can also install and uninstall modules in custom installation method. To do that run the setup again clicks custom installation and selects the modules to activate/deactivate.

You can download this tool from the official website at

Free Download G-Data Internet Security 2012 for Windows XP Vista 7

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