Download Gchat Google Talk Apps For Windows Phone 7.5

Since the launch of Windows Phone 7 last year, it has been in view of tremendous performance and increase in stats day by day. While it is one of the most common phone used today because of its awesome and beautiful looks which comes with its complete Integration with all the Microsoft’s services.

However, there are people who might be using various services like Google Talk and rest, while if you are facing to use services like Google’s instant Messaging on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, then Gchat is what you need now for better performance and enhancement.

Free Download Gchat Google Talk Apps For Windows Phone 7.5

While there are two types of instant messaging, where lot are so conjugation to use with their interface, but many lack some important features while some of them even lack the Operating System Compatibility. For these unsolved problems, the solution is Gchat, which is not same as that of other clients. Gchat Application has been designed perfectly for and by the Windows Phone users.

When you install this App for the first time, you will get a look of the new Metro-like look, which would make you feel good, which will also enable your mind to believe that this App is totally a part of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.

Free Download Gchat Google Talk Apps For Windows Phone 7.5

You just have to login to this application with the help of your Google Credentials, and after that immediately you can see up all of your contacts along with Messaging Services to begin your conversations with people.

Similarly, just as the same of Google Talk Web Version, Gchat App also lets you to go off-the-record which will help you to not to log any of your conversations which you do between your friends and relatives. However, this is one such feature which will not log any of your conversation which you do with other people. You can just use the Tapping option and lets begin your chat conversation.

Gchat App provides you some of the best features which includes

Push Notifications: All Notifications of your messages will be notified in the Top Right Corner of the App for you to instantly access all your messages without any further delay.

Live title Notifications: It shows you all the unread messages which has been sent to you when you were offline along with helps you to update Google Status message with just one touch.

While, if you want to save all of your conversation then it provides another option as well to do it. You can download the Google Gchat Application from windows market store from the link below

Free Download Gchat Google Talk For Windows Phone 7.5 

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