Download Google Chrome 17 Web Browser for Offline Installation

Google has been one of the most popular Brands all ovre the world. Along with its popularity, it has also developed a popular Browser called Google Chrome. Google Chrome is one of the most popular Web Browsers of the world along with Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

It has over 200 Million active users from all over the world. However, one of the best thing about these is that Google keeps on developing new creative ideas which makes these users to never switch to others Browsers.

Free Download Google Chrome 17 Web Browser Offline Installation

With the new latest updates available for version 17.0.928.0 which has been designed for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Framework. While, one thing to note here is that the Developer version is just for people to check out the resources, However, it is a fact that it would contain more errors and bugs than the usual Beta Versions.

Whats New in the new Google Chrome 17

1 – Enable syncing app notifications : It helps you to enable various Application notifications. However, one also get the opportunity to synchronise notifications which has been received from your clients.

2 – Enable extension alerts : It will also enable Alert Systems about the Changes in your Extension state.

3 – HTTP Pipelining : Enable experimental pipelining of HTTP requests.

4 – Enable Media Source API on <video> elements : It also gives you the best on experiementing with various API for the purpose of sending media data.

Along with these, you will also get to know more about some of the most interesting flags (experiments) including that of Enable NTP bookmark features which is proposed to add Bookmarks to a new Tab Page and much more.

You can download various Dev v17.0.928.0 Version, Beta v16.0.912.21 Version or even Stable v15.0.874.106 Version from the below download link.

Free Download Google Chrome Web Browser Dev v17.0.928.0

Free Download Google Chrome Web Browser Beta v16.0.912.21

Free Download Google Chrome Web Browser Stable v15.0.874.106

While we also have wonderful collection of the complete Web Browser list at

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