Download Premium TeamViewer 7 Beta Remote Desktop Software

November has been a great month for the Tech World. Indeed it was one of the most awesome month with the release of most awesome games along with announcing the world’s best Remote Desktop tool, TeamViewer.

TeamViewer is one of the most popular software for online presentation which can be used anywhere by anyone in the world. It has announced that the new Beta Version is now available for Download for completely free of cost. While the new version comes out with excellent combinations of all new features along with online meetings as well as remote control that is proposed to make a all time solution in all.

Free Download Premium TeamViewer 7 Beta Remote Desktop Tool

The all new TeamViewer 7 Beta will come with some powerful features to enhance yor experience along with providing enriched remote access support as well as controls which will include Drag and drop facility to local computer from the running Sessions, and even Vice verse. Along with that it will also support transferring all information’s to the Outlook e-mail for providing Multi-monitor support which is proposed to give out best view for both session as well as for the Monitor View, both at the same time.

All Users who are using the new TeamViewer 7 Beta Version will be able to enjoy all the collaborative capability functions which will indeed enhance their experience in using it. Now user will be able to do some of the functions very clear which includes ability to view, hear, chat, sharing files, adding files, scrolling, drag and drop facility.

Now user can also add new presentations as well which can be tweaked with pause, stop, and record options. You can also add Music files or presentations into it and get converted into an AVI file, which can be used by your mobile for further meetings or fun.

TeamViewer 7 beta is currentl available for download for only on Windows Platform. For all other download Platform, Teamviewer will release sometime later from now. All the software with regard to the new TeamViewer 7 will be made available in Q1/2012.

Free Download Premium TeamViewer 7 Beta Remote Desktop Tool

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