Download Website Maker WAMP Server Tool for Windows PC

Website design process consists of involvement both Client Side Scripting and Server Side Scripting languages. The majority of web browsers run Client Side Scripting language itself alone, but for Server Side Scripting requires server node to process information and provide output to client browsers.

For server side scripting rather than process information in another node we may able to process information in client side by creating an virtual directory (‘local host’) in client side. Ex: Internet Information Service (IIS) to run ASP.

Free Download Website Maker WAMP Server Tool for Windows PC

WAMP Server is most widely used by website developing teams, students doing projects over Internet.wamp server executes PHP scripts and JavaScript. WAMP Server has Prebuilt mysql, apache, php makes this genuine software tool among other tools to execute Server Side Scripting.

Other than PHP, WAMP Server permits to create database at ease. Just simple providing database name and clicking buttons creates database Voila!!. WAMP server also compatible in creating database, tables in commands. Modification of data in database can be done by either graphically or by command in SQL tab of WAMP server.

System Requirements for WAMP Server Tool

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP, 7
  • Ram: 512 MB and above
  • Space required: 280MB free disk space is required
  • Browser: Internet explorer, opera, Mozilla, chrome&safari.

Features of WAMP Server Tool

1. Prebuilt Apps:


Phpmyadmin engine allows execution of php scripts inside wampserver rather than accessing third party php engines.


Although creating database in wampserver is efficient way but sometimes users would have created database in SQLFor to connect existing database users can make use of Sqlbuddy.Sqlbuddy allows user to connect existing database by getting DSN name, User name & password.

Web grind

Web grind feature permits wampserver to interpret client side scripting languages like JavaScript. Web grind also allows user to execute only JavaScript and hide PHP functions.


WAMP Server has prebuilt Mysql engine in it to support creating, modify and delete database. Although wampserver allows database to create graphical, for command interacting users sql triggering command entering box has been provided. By Triggering Sql commands wampserver prints the results monitor.

2. Language Support:

Any software that is said to be popular must be used by different country people. WAMP Server supports 24 languages across worldwide. So users no need to worry about handling software.

3. Import & Export of Database:

Import feature allows user to download database to WAMP Server.The import file format can be of .csv,.sql,.xls,.xml and open document spreadsheet. Export feature allows backup or extract our database created inside WAMP Server to outside in file formats such as csvsql file, excel file, xml and open spread documents.

4. User Authentication:

WAMP Server provides security by user authentication so that administrator has privilege to grant & revoke privilege to common users of wamp & sql database.

You can download the WAMP Server from the following official download link at

Free Download Website Maker WAMP Server Tool for Windows PC

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