Facebook Launches Official Release of Desktop Messenger of Windows 7

Most of the users in this busy world don’t find time to open browsers and communicate or chat with friends and families. So Facebook releases the official desktop Messenger of Windows. But the big worries arises for Messenger Tycoons like AOL and Yahoo Messenger for which they are very popular and known for its awesome support and services for messenger Chats and other features.

Facebook Desktop Messenger has all the user friendly features which a user always wished for. Let us see some of the features of Facebook Desktop Messenger of Windows provides for various users around the world.

Facebook Official Desktop Messenger for Windows 7 Free Download

Features of Facebook Desktop Messenger

Three in one App

This feature includes all the necessary needs of the users such as

  • Quick Chat and Message features on Facebook with friends.
  • Awesome Ticker for current live updates.
  • Notifications so that you can be in touch about what are happening.

Simplified Usage 

After you have installed this Facebook Desktop Messenger, It will prompt you with Login screen. As soon as you click the login screen you will be redirected to facebook home page and you input your User ID and Password. After you have logged in you can chat with your friends and family online. You can dock this Messenger in one side of the desktop for user conveniences.

Collapse Feature

If you don’t want your Messenger to be visible on the desktop but still want to receive the notifications then you can always collapse it to the Windows. But you need to be logged in from the browser to make use of this Messenger so make sure you are logged in before you make use of it.

Other Platform Support

If you are out most of the time and still want to have all the benefits of Facebook Messenger then it is possible because Facebook Messenger is also supported by the Smart Phones such as Android, iPhone and BlackBerry and it is already available in the market to download.

Cons of Facebook Messenger

If you are using earlier versions of Windows Operating System then there is a bad news for you. This is because this Messenger is only supported by Windows 7. Video calling is not supported like the Facebook Browser version. If you got a new notification about Photos or any other update and upon clicking this notification you are directed to Browser version of Facebook.

You can download this amazing Browser from the following link

Facebook Official Desktop Messenger for Windows 7 Free Download

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  1. Mayur Jain
    December 31, 2011 at 5:43 pm #

    amazing messenger…this is all i wanted from FB

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