FIFA 10 – Now for Your Windows PC as well as PS3

Play Station 3 as well recognized as PS3 is a third residence video game cheer up that had been launched by the Sony Computer Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Before PS3, this Sony Company also shaped PlayStation in addition to Play Station 2. This outstanding seventh cohort game cheer up has great skin as well as best purposes. The Play Station 3 has Nintendo’s Wiki as well as Microsoft’s X-box 360. The PS3 encompasses a large capability that can with no trouble store a great number of gaming programs.

FIFA 10 for Play station 3

The FIFA 2010 game is one of the greatest games that are obtainable on behalf of the entire PS3 users. The offspring of FIFA 10 had been the FIFA 09 that has already succeeded 25 gaming awards all over the world. This FIFA 10 was a much better version that is one among the top advertising football sports competition within the marketplace. This hi-tech pastime has every feature of these real games as well as it really offers a fun filled knowledge to the entire game lovers.

Best features of FIFA 10

This game encompasses highly advanced characteristic features which were by no means seen earlier. I am certain that all the sport lovers might certainly take pleasure in playing this fixture on their PC or play station 3. This game offers him or her classy ball manage as well as greater physical communication. Some great functions that he or she can enjoy by means of this sport are:

  • With this higher game, people might evaluate the agreed space additional efficiently.
  • He or she might now also bend his or her runs in his or her to wait onside.
  • This game provides him or her with a large diversity of aggressive positions by making various lanes as well as drives more obviously.
  • In this pastime he or she also encompass the alternative of multitask that helps in covering the entire dangerous spaces.

Game offers refined Goalkeeper Intelligence

FIFA 10 Game for Windows PC and PS3

FIFA 10 now appears with a superior feature of refined goalkeeper intelligence which now ensures his or her goalkeeper more effectual and offers them a better intellect of perception towards intercepting loose balls. Novel animation technology provides a more receptive as well as game realistic goalkeeping on behalf of a better gaming knowledge.

Skilled dribbling Techniques

The higher gaming technologies which are offered in FIFA 10 gives him or her unprecedented manage which helps him or her to display highly responsive lateral dribble while opposite to a defender. You can download the game free of cost at

FIFA 10 Game for Windows PC and PS3

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