Get 5 GB Free Cloud Storage with Google Drive

Google has launched Official Google Drive Today which comes with the official Storage of 5GB, which is also expandable upto 100 GB for all the paid Subscribers. While sometime before, there has been lot of leaked reports along with various proofs that were confirming the launch of Google Drive presence.

However, Google had not told anything about the Google Drive yet, but still the leaked pictures shows everything about the Google Drive. While there are lot of various other Cloud Storage services like Dropbox, SugarSyncSparkleshareLiveDrive and lots more. You can check out our complete Dropbox Alternative, and now finally Google has also launched one to give a better competition to everyone. But when something Good and huge is coming from Google itself, then its pretty sure that people are going to love it and use it as much as they like.

5 GB Free Cloud Storage with Google Drive Dropbox Alternative

With the help of Google Drive, you will also be able to work with existing Google Docs which can also be used to real time activity for documents, spreadsheets and presentations, since Google Drive now comes with integrated Google Docs. However, when you share content with anyone in the world, then you will also be able to add and reply to comments on files like PDF, image, video file.

While, you can also choose to install Google Drive on your Mac or PC, which can be used with the help of an App on Android phone or tablet. While, Google is also planning for an iOS app in the upcoming future for which the Apple Users can use it. However, there is also an options for Blind users which can be used with a screen reader.

Currently, Google is offering all users a Storage Space of 5GB which is completely free of cost. While, if you are planning to increase more than 5GB then you can also upgrade the storage area to the following plans

  • 25GB for $2.49/month
  • 100GB for $4.99/month
  • 1TB for $49.99/month
When you upgrade your account in Google Drive, then automatically gives you a gift of your Gmail storage area to  25GB.

You can check out Google Drive now for yourself at

GDrive is going to be very trendy these days and with the launch of Google Drive, Google is expecting this service to be a major hit. So finally there is something which is going to give a tough competition to Dropbox and Skydrive, which are some of the popular cloud storage services.

You can also give your views on the launch of Google Drive. Would you love to use Google Service to backup your date? Do leave your comments with us. Thanks for reading and have a great day !

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