Get 50 GB of Free Cloud Storage with Box App on Android

In this modern technology world storing data on a cloud is very essential as it can be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time. And more over there is very little time required to access such data stored on the cloud. The offers free 50GB of storage for Android users and usual 5GB offered to everyone else. To avail this offer Android users need to download this Box Android Apps and register to enjoy the free 50 GB cloud storage.

The Box Android Apps and its account are not restricted to use just on the mobile device, you can even access your file from any device like laptops, iOS app and others. This is one best app for Android operating system user. By using this app you can store any files on the cloud.

How to Get 50GB access online Free Storage Space using Android Apps

Get 50 GB of Free Cloud Storage with Box App on Android

Step1: Download Box Mobile Apps for Android from the online market.

Step2: Next login to account

Step3: After finishing successful signup you can just start sharing and collaborating in cloud using this Mobile Apps.

As like other cloud storage services, Box helps its users to store and access files and documents. Once your account is setup, you can permanently access and transfer files to it from anywhere using this Mobile Tools. Even you can use PC, laptop, tablet, and phone. This is fully featured Mobile Apps with multiple features to store data.

In a conference a question was put forth to that why Box service is ready to give away 50GB accounts, when DropBox’s free accounts offer 2GB and SugarSync’s have 5GB? They replied that Box is focused on getting large corporate customers and trying to collect more number of customers than ever.

There are many other freebie accounts exist only to spread the word about these kinds of service but Box service is just awesome other than this no one can just do this to any of Android phone and so the company is happily giving away 50GB of space to a single user by using this Mobile Tools. By looking at this offer surely company will be benefited by users. This Offer is valid till 23 March 2012.

Get 50 GB of Free Cloud Storage with Box App on Android

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  1. March 10, 2012 at 10:41 am #

    Gonna try it. Thanks for sharing such useful info as i have lots of dropbox account of variable size from 2-3 GB. It will compensate all of them

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