Harry Potter theme for Windows 7

Harry potter and all its series created a sensation among people all over the world. The imagination which created this magical world and Hogwarts is now famous among every youth, old and children. The characters Harry, Ron and Hermione found by J.K Rowling and new adventure they faced in every series is marked as the best till date.

Right now Harry potter has a huge collection of fans all over the world and I am sure they will be in search of Harry potter theme just like me. Hence, Windows themes are here to serve us with their Harry potter collection. Personally, being a Harry potter fan, I loved these themes and I am sure you are also going to love it.

One of the themes has wallpapers from all the first six series- The Philosopher’s Stone, the Chamber of Secrets, the Prisoner of Azkaban, the Goblet of Fire, the Order of the Phoenix and the Half-Blood Prince. Hence you will get reminded of all the six series when you see the theme. It consists of around 50 high resolution wallpapers along with sound effects. Hence you will have a complete feeling that you are around magical world. Having this theme as the desktop background, you will feel like you are re-living the journey from first to last part in a short span of time. Download this at Harry Potter.

There is one more theme with the collection of first six movies. There are 53 high resolution wallpaper and musical system sound. For both the themes there are different types of icons which act as the final touch to your wizarding desktop. Download this at Harry Potter.

Harry Potter theme for Windows 7

Now comes the deathly hallows, as the last two parts of this movie comes from the last book ‘Harry potter and deathly hallows’ it occupies a complete whole theme for itself. So there is a theme with the collection of wallpaper from deathly hallows part-1 alone. you can download this at Harry Potter and deathly hallows part-1.

Deathly hallows part-2 is the climax movie of this series and is the climax I have ever gone through considering all the magical stories. The credit goes to J.K Rowling and actors of the movies for being able to attract millions of crowd to book fair and movie theatres. It all ends with this series, the battle between the good and evil, Voldemort and Harry and the Wizarding story. This theme consists of 25 and above wallpaper, customized icons and sound effects. You can download this at Harry Potter and deathly hallows part-2.

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