Have Total Fun with Where’s My Water Android Game

You must have played thousands of Android Games but have you every played a game that you just cant stop playing? Well if not then Where’s My Water is the one that will blow you off your seats. This is one of the most amazing and the most downloaded Android Apps on the Android market.

There are many other Mobile Apps but not like this one because this has got a scent of addiction. This is my personal experience post and I am proud gamer to write about it. So let us see some of the Features and fun this Game provides for various users.

Features of Where’s My Water Android Game

Where’s My Water Android Game to have total Fun Entertainment

  • There’s a really funny alligator named Swampy in this game who likes to have bath all the time and all you need to do is just guide the bathing water to his bathing tub.
  • I must say this Game’s UI is just amazing and it is fully featured and making it more user friendly.
  • To make you go crazy after it this Game has got more than 200 levels to clear, gosh that’s a whole lot of levels
  • The story of the game goes this way, Swampy alligator lives in the sewer under the city limits.
  • He does hard work all the day and want to have a nice long bath after the exhausting day, but the other alligators have damaged his plumbing and disrupted the water flow.

Once the game starts you need to find ways to get the water to the Swampy’s bath tub. The way will be blocked with the sludge and other things. So all you have to do is just swipe your fingers over the screen and make way for the water. There are some rubber ducks also in the way so don’t forget to collect them to get extra bonus and unlock new levels.

There are various surprise levels also included to increase the excitement to get to the end of the level. In the new levels you have to make use of your brain to make the way for water so you better exercise your brain well and get after that load of water and guide it to the Swampy’s bath tub. Man! I never get tired of this game. You can download this amazing Game from the following official download link given below

Where’s My Water Android Game to have total Fun Entertainment

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  1. December 22, 2012 at 4:14 pm #

    Thanks for writing this post I am going to install this game on my Android phone.

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