How to Bring Back Windows 7 Start Menu to Windows 8

Windows 8 has come up with a very different UI, must appreciate – a very innovative OS is released. But the problem here is the new windows 8 UI is appreciated by few and few are getting irritated and finding it annoying to use. So here comes this facility of bringing back the windows 7 start menu to Windows 8. The start menu is very easy option to get into many apps and programs.

Squares and rectangle has replaced the start menu in this OS. But people who feel uncomfortable, we have start 8 for you to install and get flexible with. Along with start menu, it also brings back the task bar removing the hotspot features. This feature is brought to you by Stardock team. So you will not find any bug to almost all extent.

Features of start 8

  • Once you install start 8, you will be able to perform the following
  • bring back the windows 7 start menu to windows 8
  • shut down system from start menu
  • disable the desktop hotspots
  • be able to access start screen from start menu
  • can quickly access recently opened program, document, music, files etc.
  • Quickly allows you to add favorite apps to start8 and start menu
  • -Users can search for Windows 8 apps from there. It will take you to the search option on Windows 8. It means you can search apps in store as well
  • You can change start orb button to different from here
  • Boot to Windows 8 desktop directly
  • can access search screen
  • Procedure to install the start menu

Download start 8 here  (you will have to enter the email address and you will get the download link)

Install the app and that’s it, you will be provided with many options with the start menu

How to Bring Back Windows 7 Start Menu to Windows 8

You will be provided with all the features which were available in windows. When you press right click, you will get options like logging on to the desktop, disable hotspots, run, shut down, choose a different start button image and choose classic style start menu.

You can also edit the start menu using pre-defined size and style. You can also pin your favorite app to the start menu. Therefore, this app is for giving the start menu comfort in windows 8 with all the features available in windows 7 start menu and also few added features. In short, there is always a solution for any problem or discomfort.

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