How to Check Who has Unfriended You From Facebook

Facebook is one of the best social networking websites all across the world. It is currently used by all age groups across all countries in doing various activities like Status updates, photos, commenting, sharing and tagging, and ofcourse chatting too. But to enable to do all of these things, you need friends. Just like you can’t imagine your life in real world without friends, the same you can’t share and chat in Facebook if you don’t have any friends.

However, one of the best features of Facebook is the Notifications. Whenever you get a friend request, you get a notification to respond back. But, the notification is not available if you are been unfriended by someone. Moreover, what if you are to send request to the same person who has unfriended you? Well probably, you can checkout thousands of profiles with the same name and get them out or you can use our following tutorial on finding who has unfriended you.

How to Find who has Unfriended you?

  • After you click, it will take you to a Facebook App and you just have to click Like and follow the App Instructions.

How to Check Who has You Unfriend From Facebook

Today we are on 21st Century, where technology and real time scripts are running all time enabling you to know who has unfriended or removed you and what time and date. This script uses a pretty straight logic, it uses your local database of your friend list and refreshes and then compares with the existing one. The people who have unfriended you may not be present on your profile now, so you can easily know who are there are who are not.

Not just this, it will also tell you, Who has unfriended you, or Deactivated their accounts, or declined your friend requests.

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