How To Enable or Activate New Facebook News Feed

Hello everyone Facebook users, facebook has just now announced its New News Feed which is going to lots more better than before. The Online Social networking portal has finally brought an awesome and improved version of the News Feeds. In General, today we miss out lot of stuffs from our Feeds which could be Photos, Videos, or Stories, and many others. It’s really hard to maintain and view everything unless you always be on Facebook spending your time.

In the Upcoming New Facebook, you are going to find out more better and clear view of your stuffs including to that of the Pictures, Videos which are more better and bigger, 3rd party apps.  Everything seems to be just awesome! In order to have the new Facebook Feeds, you need to join the waiting list of people who will be selected to try out their new feature. So just go ahead and find out more below.

So Just head over to the following link to join the waiting list to get the New News Feed.

You can also watch out an amazing video from Facebook which all of their recent changes including the one we are talking on this Post.

How To Enable or Activate New Facebook News Feed

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