How to Run Windows 8 on Mac OS X Lion PC

Are you a Mac user and want to try out windows 8 in it?? If you are thinking that way then here is a go. You can achieve this using several ways, but I will share one of the ways to achieve this.

Boot Camp

First comes the requirements to achieve this, you should have a recent Mac and OS X, which ships with Boot Camp, Apple’s dual boot manager.

You will be thinking why you can’t run windows on older Mac because windows have very less stringent hardware requirements than Mac OS X Lion. But this is not possible because Macs have the firmware only since 2008 that can boot from disks with the modified boot sectors Microsoft started using in Vista. You have an alternate, you can install the extract into a new disk image with a normal boot sector and use. But it’s complicated. You should already have a windows install to attempt it.

Assuming you have all the requirements

How to Run Windows 8 on Mac Platform PC

–> You should install the Windows 8 Preview Release via Boot Camp, this is nothing but a copy of Windows 8 Preview Release. You can download it by just giving your email address

–> You should go for 64 bit release and also don’t forget to make note of the activation code. Once you download the disk image, open Disk Utility on a Mac with an optical drive and mount the image in the sidebar.

–> Click on the image and burn it to make it a blank disk (you can also use USB disk image, but for this also you will require an existing windows and also the Microsoft USB tool)

–> The windows 8 of Microsoft will require atleast 20 GB of your disk space (32bit version-18 GB).

–> Launch the boot camp, in the first screen uncheck the option to download the latest Windows support software from Apple and check the option to install Windows 7.

–> Select the amount of space you would like to allocate to windows drive. This process will only allocate free space to the windows drive and will not erase the existing data.

–> If you want to reclaim the space you have allocated, then you can run Boot Camp Assistant again to remove it. Put your burned Windows 8 install disk in the drive and click Install.

–> The Mac will restart and a windows dialog box will appear and you can then carry forward the formalities of the installation.

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