How to Save or CleanUp Memory on Android Smartphone

You can find hell lot of files on your device that could affect how much memory you lose. The root cause behind is that, like with PCs, the Android OS also keeps temp files for faster access, without deleting them and hence piling up the needless space. Such spaces can be occupied by internet pages, cached data images and other data from your browser.

If you are App lover and loves to install every other App on your Android device then there is a bad news for you. Because the higher the no. of Apps installed on your device the more no. of unused space occupied. And also when you update an App, it will leave behind left over files on your device. And if you backup your data on your device on regular basis then it is also a big source of unwanted files that are occupied on your device’s memory.

Regular backups are necessary but keeping them on your device after every backup is not a good practice, instead you must move them to a local drive on your PC. And if you like to play with your OS by installing custom ROMs then it will damage your OS. So make NANDroid backups and move the genuine OS to a safer place.

How to Save or CleanUp Memory on Android Smartphone

And here comes the big culprit of memory usage and it is the gallery. The Android gallery occupies lots of space by pre loading thumbnails. But we have solution to all of these above problems and these are Top 6 Apps to Free up Space on Android Mobile. Follow this post to know more about them in detail.

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  1. February 4, 2013 at 5:49 pm #

    I own Samsung Galaxy Y and it’s low internal memory always irritates me. At this time, even though I don’t have any single downloaded app installed on my mobile phone, still I am receiving that same low internal memory message. Thanks for your article because now I got to know how to tackle up with the things.

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