Make your Favorite Game into Windows 8 Desktop Theme

People are becoming choosy when it comes to their desktop background. If you are in search of windows themes, then this is the right place you are at!! Here is the list of latest and best theme for Windows 8 which can also be customized by you. Windows 8 provides you with the simple way of customizing your desktop background set the desktop theme, according to your own taste.

It has a Distinctive desktop; it has aero visual effects which will bring you a unique visual experience. Because of this effect the window frame looks like a translucent glass. You can easily change the desktop background and sound.

You only have to choose your favorite images and set them as desktop slides. Along with it you can also add your favorite colors, music and screen saver and save them as your own created theme. There are also readymade themes provided online. You have variety of options from tranquil natural beauty to creative illustrations design. You will have more than one desktop background picture and sound. You can use the default effects given or you can also modify them based on your choice.

Make your Favorite Game into Windows 8 Desktop Theme

Theme provided by Windows 8 –

  • Windows 8 Gears of War 3 Themes With Icons + Sounds.
  • Transformer windows 8 theme with top icons
  • Windows 8 crysis theme with sound effects

All these Windows themes have wonderful sound effects which completely matches the background picture.

Gears of War 3 Themes:-

The user of this theme will completely get immersed in the world of gear war because your entire screen will visualize you the effect of that game. They also provide awesome desktop icons, all these will depict any one of the main character of the game. It also provides you with the matching colored mouse cursor with many “gear of war3” wallpapers. In short this game lover will definitely fall in love with this theme.

You can download this theme at Gear of war-3

Transformers Windows 8 Theme:-

If you are a Transformer lover, then this is the right food to get fed with. Windows gifts you with the fully-fledged team of transformer. It consists of some cool icons of transformers. The wallpapers and sounds are the best match for this theme.

You can download this theme at Tranformers

windows 8 crysis theme with sound effects:-

Crysis 2 package is a complete of several background wallpapers and sounds effects. You can choose your favorite among them which also matches to your desktop icons. It will give your computer a very sophisticated look.

You can download this at Crysis-2

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