System, Abuser, Versatile & Classy Themes for Blackberry

BlackBerry phones are primarily known for their ability to send and receive Internet e-mail. This is particularly important in places where the network service is available via the wi-fi connectivity. The BlackBerry mobile is thus immensely popular across the world especially for people who work -as it gives you a professional look. Definitely a mobile in hand will not make you complete, hence the final touch your mobile will be added by blackberry themes just like mobile themes.

System theme

One of the famous themes is system theme. The system theme is very simple, the plus point about this theme is that whenever you will change the wallpaper, you will never have to worry about whether the icons will match or not. The theme is black, but in one of the screenshots below the image background used is simply to show off the visuals. The specialty of this theme is its simplicity and its icon layout. Click here to download  System Theme

BB Abuser theme

BB Abuser theme features a unique bottom dock Zen layout with shortcuts that move when selected. You will enjoy seeing action images in this theme. There is jumping homescreen, which is an extraordinary feature to opt this theme for. You can design your mobile the way you design your home. I mean you can hide/move your desktop (main screen) shortcuts. But the dock shortcuts will be fixed.

The looks of this theme will look awesome even when you switch to wallpaper along with this theme. This theme is of two type, user and abuser.  Both they both are identical except the shortcuts at the bottom of the screen. User provides with a nice collection of shortcuts which are preferred by many. Click here to download BB Abuser

Classy theme

Another best theme is Classy theme for blackberry. As the name says it is very classy, the images and background nicely flow together, and the script font adds to the Class. It just gets struck very well with your blackberry.

System, Abuser, Versatile & Classy Themes for Blackberry

Versatile theme is our next theme which will add color your blackberry mobile. This theme is little difficult to handle at first, but later when you get use to it, this theme will look cool (gives an eye catching look). Something which is unique in it is its graphics.

To download all these themes, you will have to log in to  blackberry themes and register. You will receive a link for that particular theme. Click the link and install the theme. After installing you should restart your mobile to activate your theme.

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