Top 15 Best Travel Apps for Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad)

The list of Applications below helps a lot while travelling to unknown places. There comes a situation where a user who is using an Android phone is forced to use an iPhone or vice versa. Where he may struggle to find right ones to use. So, it’s better to know Applications that are available in both Android and iPhone.

1. Kayak – Download for AndroidDownload for iOS

The Kayak App is able to have access to even far-flung places with lot of choices of inns, air travel and automobiles. Journey plans are supported privately by “My Trips” . Depending on the places and its climate, kayak gives a package check list which is very useful. iOS Kayak App has more features than Android’s Kayak.

2. TripIt – Download for Android | Download for iOS

TripIt has been a pioneer to introduce the features that are now commonly available in all travel Apps. TripIt has an imparting feature by which you can share your tour plan with your family, friends and all others who use TripIt across platforms that include both iOS and Android.

3. Flight Track – Download for Android | Download for iOS

FlightTrack Application suits business people the best. It provides you real time air travel timings, gateways and belated schedule of the flights. This also helps in providing substitute planes in case of behind schedule or other problems.

4. HostelWorld – Download for Android | Download for iOS

HostelWorld , one of the high rated Applications for both Android and iOS platforms. It’s friendly interface with few or no advertisements make it more usable. It never fails in providing cheap and quality stay during your voyage. Travellers with limited budget will love this Application.

5. XE Currency Converter – Download for Android | Download for iOS

This Application shows the value of currencies of almost all countries and its currencies. This Application has modern features that are not found in other similar Applications. A new feature includes comparison of more than two currencies at the same time. This Application shows breathing rate which renews itself from the web often.

Top 15 Best Travel Apps for Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad)

6. Expensify – Download for Android | Download for iOS

Expensify Application, as the name suggests lets you manage your money outflows you make in day to day life or during your travel. This GPS enabled App lets you to scan the bill and record its value automatically using Optical Character Recognition feature. This OCR is limited in free version but can be exploited in pro version where every scan cost 0.2$

7. Lemon – Download for Android

Lemon is an accounting Application which lets you monitor your expenses. It has enhanced or broad OCR feature by which you can record not only the bill value but also the item name along with it. Again, this too has limited scans in free version. It can hold the virtual copy of all your cards that include credit, debit, petro etc.

8. FoodSpotting – Download for Android | Download for iOS

Foodspotting is a great Application for food lovers who love to eat variety of foods. This Application shows the native dishes of the place where you go or search for and also lets you know the famous shops or restaurants where it is available after gathering info from the localities.

9. Foursquare – Download for Android

Foursquare Application which was before meant as a check in App, can now be used to find out the hotel costs, fares of travel and also food advises. This Application has information about many areas and can give suggestions from the users who have just visited the place before you. This makes it unique in its class.

10. Triposo – Download for Android | Download for iOS

TRiposo makes a complete travel Application. This App stands out from other similar Apps by working without Internet connection. This frees users from worrying about roaming or ISP charges. Triposo also has food and shelter section where we can search for eating and a place to hang out.

11. TouristEye – Download for Android | Download for iOS

This App lets you record all required info about current city all together and can work offline. We can find food, maps, routes and hauling facilities. It also has a travel diary.

12. Google Translate – Download for Android

This Application has become a necessity for any travelers who go across countries. It can translate almost all languages in the world into any other language and also it has OCR feature.

13. Google Local

Google local has taken the place of Google Places. This is bound with G+ in android whereas in iOS it needs a secede installation. It can communicate with popular Zagat and TripAdvisor and give you optimized results.

14. Google Maps – Download for Android

Google Maps has been replaced by Apple’s poor own maps in iOS 6. This App has better view and congestion details wherever it is possible. This App can gather info so as to work offline. Google maps ranks first in its class. Thanks to its loads of features. Google mobile iOS App is still supported though.

15. Google Now/Siri 

They are one of the latest Apps available. This App is smartly built and can be a travel companion with modern features like voice recognition and location prompt selection. Siri wins over Google now by extending its support to Voice support while former does not. They are perfect mates on which you can rely during your travel.

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