Top 3 Best Brainstorming Apps for iOS

There are many people in this world who have a ‘dream’, but not a ‘plan’. It is much like your math problem where you already have the final solution, but not the steps to reach it. And that’s when you got to brainstorm your ideas and reach the solution. Today, in this era of technology, you have an app for almost everything. Brainstorming has also become a part of the app-store. In the following section, we bring you the 3 best apps/games that help you brainstorm on your iOS devices.


This one’s our pick! The most innovative ideas come out of you when you are free to think, imagine, and present them in your style. iBrainstorm is a user friendly iOS app that lets you draw freehand drawings and write text along with sticky notes. This is just like your tiny hand notebook in which you put in your ideas anytime in the way you want. But wait, that’s just not it. The iBrainstorm app also helps you share your session of brainstorming with others by connecting to 4 iPhone users from your iPad. Of course, you can save the ideas and share them using email too. Get Here.


iThoughts is one of the first mindmapping apps, developed originally for iOS devices. With most number of years in the market, iThoughts has been able to create a niche with its constantly updated features (there’s a long list). This app lets you not only capture your imagination, but also organize and manage them visually. It also has an HD version for your iPad. This is not just an app, it’s a complete package for brainstorming and mindmapping! Get Here.

Top 3 Best Brainstorming Apps for iOS

Brainstorming Cards

This unique app was specially designed for adults. What this app brings to you is those cards that help you visualize the new opportunities on your way. As you answer these questions, you develop quite a few ideas and also realize your dreams. You can also have group discussions and enhance your ideas further. When you are at that stage in your life where confusion occupies most of the time in your brain, this app can prove to be a gem. And yes, this might help you improve your vocabulary too. This one is for you, if you have a dream!

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