Top 3 Best Free Image Editing Tools & Softwares

The best tool available for photo editing is definitely Adobe Photoshop. But a drawback is that it is little complicated and cannot be used efficiently used until oneself is trained for that app and also it is expensive to buy. Therefore, here comes other application into picture which helps us perform editing easily without much training. The following are the free editing tools for Windows 8.

1. Photoscape

This software is easy to use which allows you to edit and add effects to your images. Its fun working with it. Along with editing, it also creates slide show and animated GIF images. You can also take screenshots and join or split two or more images. You can also organize the software based on your usage like you can rearrange the tools, create a toolbar with all the frequently used tools in this software. It consists of many advanced tools and can convert many raw images to JPEG and JPG format.

This is completely free software. But it recommends other software download for which you pay. however, a small amount is worth paying for this software.

Top 3 Best Free Image Editing Tools & Softwares

2. Picasa

Picasa is mainly known as a photo organizer and slideshow creator. But there are limited photo editing tools provided for an average editing requirement. You can share your photos to Google+ using this software. You will be able to easily retrieve all the photos under the hood of your computer. Apart from Google+ you can also synchronize the software with other web albums on other sites.

One of the best features in it is its face recognizition capability. Also that Google keeps adding on features time to time. They have also incorporated aspects of the now-defunct Picnik.

As said it will retrieve under the hood files too, hence it will also contain unwanted graphics, games images in the collection.

3. GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program

GIMP is an open source software which is handled by its developers and is constantly updated with new features. It is marked as the best alternative for Adobe Photoshop. Some of the features of this software are customizable interface, digital retouching, photo enhancement, hardware support etc. It contains professional tools and retouching tools which works just like the editing performed in paid software.

It consists of a separate window which allows user to organize the tools and layers like Photoshop. It has the look of Photoshop but it is easy to use than Photoshop. However it will take some time and guidance to get use to using this software.

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