Top 3 Best Photo Editing Tools for Windows 8

Every person edits the picture to perfect before sharing it on to any social networking site. To make your picture as perfect there are some extremely incredible apps which provides variety of tools to edit the photographs. The apps I am going to talk about are fhotoroom, photoFunia and photo studio.

3. Fhotoroom

Fhotoroom provides you with variety of highly advanced plethora of unique styles, brushes and filters. This app is especially for windows 8 and comes with the capacity of 76+ image editing and style facilities. It is very easy and handy to use. It allows you to edit images more than 1 MP but this cannot be done under free version as it allows images only below 1 MP. However, free version contains probably all tools to edit the image with basic and advanced level filtering.

Top 3 Best Photo Editing Tools for Windows 8

All the filters, edits and styles tools are placed at the bottom of the screen.  It gives you the preview of every filter, brush, sketch or style before you apply.  They also provide you with basic edit brush option and basic edit exposure option.  Download this at Fhotoroom

2. PhotoFunia

PhotoFunia is a completely cloud based application which contains few automatic features in it. Once you upload the picture it identifies the person in the image automatically and provides you with cool effects to apply on it. There are around 300 different effects. Hence, you just have to upload the picture and PhotoFunia will do the rest.

Along with the effect they also provide you with many categories. Choose a category and effects will be applied based on that. You can also make collage using this app, collage also have many option and types to add on the effects. Use Photo Funia at PhotoFunia

1. Photo Studio

Photo studio is available in the photo section of windows 8 and is completely free. It provides you with simple effects and properties. You can edit images using this tool and save the image for future use. Photo studio consists of 14 different filters and many effects like brightness, contrast, saturation, color effects etc.

It is very easy to use. You have to install the app and then browse the image you want to edit. Use different effects and filters as per your requirement and taste. Save the image for further use( you also have an undo button to switch to the previous effect).  Download this at PhotoStudio

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